Dentures and Removables

Dental removable restorations, such as dentures and partial dentures, provide practical and functional solutions for individuals with missing teeth. These prosthetic devices are designed to be easily inserted and removed by the patient, offering flexibility and convenience. Dentures, which replace a full arch of missing teeth, or partial dentures, designed for individuals with some natural teeth remaining, play a crucial role in restoring oral function and aesthetics. Modern advancements, including digital technologies and 3D printing, have improved the precision and customization of removable restorations, ensuring a better fit, comfort, and a natural appearance. Dental professionals carefully consider factors like bite alignment, esthetics, and patient comfort when creating these removable restorations, striving to enhance both oral function and the patient’s overall quality of life. Regular maintenance and adjustments may be necessary over time to optimize the fit and performance of dental removable restorations.

Heraeus Kulzer Palajet

Digital design for printing/casting RPD frameworks.

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