Digital Shade Acquisition

Digital dental shade acquisition has transformed the way dentists determine and communicate the color of dental restorations. Traditionally, shade matching relied on subjective visual assessments, which could be influenced by lighting conditions and individual perception. Digital shade acquisition involves using specialized devices, such as spectrophotometers or intraoral scanners equipped with color-matching technology, to precisely capture and analyze the color of natural teeth. This technology allows for more accurate and consistent shade matching, ensuring that dental restorations closely resemble the surrounding dentition. Furthermore, digital shade acquisition enhances communication between dental professionals and dental laboratories, as the captured digital data can be shared electronically, reducing the likelihood of errors and facilitating a more precise reproduction of the desired tooth color. The result is a more reliable and efficient process that contributes to the aesthetic success of dental treatments, particularly in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Vita Easyshade V

Our goal is precise shade reproduction in order to create highly esthetic results.

The VITA basic principles:

  1. Fast and reliable tooth shade determination
  2. Precise and complete communication of the correct tooth shade,1427.html

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